Hi, I'm Giuliana.

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Hi! I'm Giuliana.

I was born in Michigan to an American orchestra conductor and a Colombian biologist. From day one, my voice and vision have been influenced by living in the middle of two very different (but equally beautiful) worlds. 

I dove into the world of fine art from an early age, studying ballet and music before shifting to the realm of visual art, creative writing, design, and film production in college. Since then, I've worked in the health, wellness, and fine arts industries as an art director and creative strategist. I'm at my best when I get to synthesize and draw upon the knowledge, resourcefulness, and discipline instilled in me by a lifelong education in the arts.

My aesthetic is delicate, balanced—at times cheeky—but always optimistic at its core. Simply put, my motivation as an artist is to create beauty. I could nerd out about this forever, but in a nutshell I get giddy when I'm developing an aesthetic language that perfectly defines what beauty is for a particular client or project. Definitions of beauty are always evolving, but in my life the pursuit and appreciation of beauty have been the biggest catalysts for transformation, elegance, and delight. What is more beautiful than that?

TL:DR: Ni de aquí, ni de allá. Art school forever baby. Taurus Sun/Cancer Moon/Libra Rising, a.k.a ruled by Venus and lots of emotions. Fueled by plants.

Always cold.


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