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Biscuit Factory

Biscuit Factory

I created Biscuit Factory to bring a light-hearted and sporty voice to the world of dance wear. 


As a ballet dancer, I was frustrated that I couldn't find many dance wear options that fit my personal style outside of the studio. Ballet wear is often too froufrou for my taste or too decorative to be functional. I designed and hand-knit these leg warmers to support and enhance a dancer's line instead of detracting from it. They are made from a cotton-modal blend, so they remain breathable (yet warm) and can be washed easily.






1. a small, typically round cake of bread leavened with baking powder, baking soda, or sometimes yeast.

2. a lovingly derogatory slang term used by dancers to describe their feet.


Packaging mockup

Biscuit Factory leg warmers will be packaged in sealable, reusable bags so dancers can keep the stank of sweaty dance wear contained or repurpose their bags to hold items like bobby pins and pointe shoe accessories.

Biscuit Factory Bag.png


Instead of taking themselves too seriously as dancers, Biscuit Factory encourages dancers to love their gross feet, embrace their flaws instead of hiding them, and proudly sport their biscuits with style and humor.


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